This ministry helps meet worshipper’s needs immediately prior to and during the service. They greet worshippers as they enter the worship center, distribute bulletins to entrants, and assist with the gathering of offerings and tithes from the congregation. It is our desire to have enough ushers available so that they can minister on a rotating basis of one Sunday a month. What a great way to serve the Lord, by serving others as they come to worship Him. We would be excited for you to join us in this opportunity!

Primarily associated with the Sunday and Wednesday worship services, Greeters are the first ones to extend the right hand of fellowship to those coming to service. Their warm welcome extends the love of Christ to regular and first time attendee alike, offering helpful information about class availability and location.

Sound Technicians
Our sound technicians support our services with the ability to amplify the message of the Gospel, record it on CD for individual distribution and post it to the internet. If you want to help in the presentation and proclamation of the message of the Gospel, this is a great place to serve!

Worship Musicians
Has the Lord Jesus given you a talent for instrumental music and allowed you to develop that? Our worship musicians include all those having an ability to play an instrument and a desire to share in the service. Primarily involving the organ and piano, but not restricted to those instruments, our musicians assist us in the praise and worship of our Lord Jesus Christ. Where the Lord has gifted us with multiple people desiring to serve in this ministry, a rotation has been developed allowing all that desire, to participate on a periodic basis. Do you have an ability in this area that you would like to use in the service of the LORD Jesus Christ? If so, why not explore the opportunities that exist?

For more information or to join the team, email worshipteam@edgemontbiblechurch.org